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The Royal Charter of King Oberon VII

Fairy Realm Of Warkworth

fairy magic lantern slide by Warwick Goble

"Fierce war, and faithful love, and truth severe, by fairy fiction drest".

From "The Bard" by Thomas Grey

There was a door to which I found no key:

There was a veil past which I could not see:

 From "Rubiáyát of Omar Khayyám"


 Within the sleepy village of Warkworth, Northumberland fairies have set up home. Did you also know fairy houses are cute and cosy and in front of each fairy home is a tiny door? I wonder if you have you noticed any of these doors for there are at least fifty  for you to discover. But here I suppose, I am really getting ahead of myself, first let me explain how all this started..........

    Once upon a time during the human pandemic of 2020   a royal fairy charter was granted. For any readers that are new to this magic realm  I shall try  to  explain exactly what that means and how all these strange happenings first came about.

  If an  area  is frequented by rats, crows, magpies or (as in  lesser cases) by weasels the immediate fairy population will suffer  unless  their home is firmly secured. A fairy  door is  the  only  safe measure in  preventing pest infestation. Fairy doors are locked by  magic and therefore cannot be  opened by humans, rats or birds.

   As a  craftsman I  was asked if I could  make such a door. The woodworking skills were within my capabilities however as a  human , I leave  the magical locking device to be  completed  by the  fairies themselves.

The  fairies call me Stanley as  they saw  the  inscription  on my woodworking tools and erroneously attributed myself with the name.I am happy to continue with this error for the sake of  anonymity however this in some way should  explain why a different monogram is  embossed  on the  reverse side of my  fairy doors.


I should also point out  that a Royal Fairy Charter  does  not, in any way say my doors are  superior  to any work produced by other craftsmen only that his majesty approves  of the product. 

Faery Otherworld
Warkworth castle by Derek Greenacre  2021
Old Advert for Work Magazine
workshop Warkworth
Collection of Fairy Tale Books
soap fairy

Since embarking on this undertaking not only have I found the work very satisfying but in the process I have also learnt a great deal about local fairy culture. So, on reflection I have been compelled to include some of this cultural background into the study so that the reader can fully understand the back story behind these fairy doors.

    As I said there are now about fifty such fairy doors hidden around  Warkworth perhaps you and your friends may be lucky enough to find some.

The map on the Fairy Realm page may help.

Note this a non-profit making site.

 Nothing is for sale here.


And so let us begin.

Once upon a time........

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