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In all aspects of life there is  always a dark side, fairy realms are no exception. Books, as always, provide knowledge and suggest the way. It is for the reader however to make  the decision as to which road to follow. Be ever mindful of that choice and proceed with caution.

the Otack

Fairies call the forces of evil "The  Otäckt" these are a race of shape-shifters for which we have no equivalent English word.

evilqueen with sword
dark mirror portal

Any reader of fairy tales  is soon made aware that there is a dark and sinister side to many fairy realms. Dark and evil forces ( The  Otäckt )   can infiltrate both the fairy and human worlds and, in doing so,  spread  their insidious culture like the creeping roots of the bindweed. Any mirrored surface helps contain the integrity of a society however wherever a mirror is tarnished evil can so easily seep through these opportunistic gaps. Fairies are very mindful  of this problem and constantly monitor mirror surfaces for any defects. Humans, however, are less aware of the dangers of mirror imperfections and much needs to be done to raise awareness of the existence of these portals into the dark realms.

 tarnished mirror
tennyson leather bound book

The photo on the left shows  tarnishing on a mirror's edge through which dark forces could eventually creep.

A number of people have  subsequently asked about broken mirrors. Even humans however know that breaking a mirror precipitates bouts of bad luck. Sometimes these can be extremely catastrophic as documented by the great poet Tennyson......

"The mirror crack'd from side to side;

'The curse is come upon me,' cried

The Lady of Shalott."

dark fairy on brick wall
dark fairy
pollution portal

Another way that the Otäckt can enter a  fairy realm is through oil pollution. Fairies often try to dilute this with rainbow essence however their endeavors are not always successful. Much more prevention needs to be practiced if such evil forces are to be controlled in a meaningful way.


(Leguminoae Pentamagicus)

five magic beans

The Otäckt can also enter both human and fairy realms through the use of magic beans. It was many years before an in-depth scientific analysis  revealed exactly how the process worked.

 It had long been known that consuming these beans sometimes  allowed transitions between realms but exactly when and why it worked remained a mystery. It was the famous mathematician Dr. Linda Roughhawk who finally solved the riddle. The answer was simply that the number 5 played an important role in the process. Consuming five beans (or multiples of 5) facilitates inter-realm movement any other number inhibits it.

 One can see why there is a fairy restriction on the sale of these beans. Recently the advertising of these products has come under scrutiny particularly when the number "5" is openly displayed on the packets.

Linda Roughhawk

Dr. Linda Roughhawk

magic bean advert

The type of irresponsible advertising  displayed here highlights the concerns many fairies have regarding the sale of magic beans particularly to the young.

solicitors spoof advert

 Cool Operations

The average casual observer could easily mistake this image as that of a fairy door, on closer inspection however one can see that the design is somewhat bizarre.The door is in fact of Otäckt construction and was a portal into the fairy realm. Many years ago the portal was discovered and destroyed by a secret fairy hit squad using Type 23 wands. The entrance structure itself however remained intact and was later recovered and repurposed as the entrance to Warkworth fairy ice cream parlour. 

ice cream parlour fairy door

‘My magic is dead,’ said the witch. ‘I’m astounded
That people can fly to the moon and around it.
It used to be mine and the cat’s till they found it.
My broomstick is draughty, I snivel with cold
As I ride to the stars. I’m painfully old,
And so is my cat;
But planet-and-space-ship,
Rocket or race-ship
Never shall part me from that.’ 

 by Ian Serraillier

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