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Warkworth Realm


A lot of readers have enquired about  the geographical layout and historical background of the Fairy Realm of Warkworth.

  In fact fairy Warkworth has a long and distinguished history - indeed it was  the fairies  who  carved the ancient markings on the stone cliffs at Morwick. This art form is believed to be   a way of  delineating the boundaries of their domain. This of course is speculation as the carvings predate any form of runic script.

  As for the geography of the realm the map below details the main features many of which are invisible to human eyes as they are sacred sites to the fairy culture.

 As requested I have also marked on the map the location of some fairy doors although I would ask humans to be always mindful of  noise in the presence of fairies.

  I have made over sixty doors not all however are to be found in Warkworth indeed some are dispersed throughout the world.

 On the map below the Warkworth Realm doors are marked with a red dot (although some still remain hidden). Also doors which are in private gardens are not displayed.

Current number of doors displayed on map stands at 26



Recently a smart-phone global positioning application called what3words has allowed any location to pinpointed with ease. I have recently  used this system to locate some fairy doors although many  remain undocumented thereby still allowing the reader the fun of  exploring in the more traditional manner.

1) drama.laminated.timer


3) topping.animator.spotted

4) skater.mourner.fended

5) brittle.hurt.perfected

6) driveways.richer.informer

7) starlight.bunk.test

8) swaps.fuse.eyebrows

9) partly.armful.headset

10) amounting.bleat.vine

And Much Further Away

1) hypocrite.sharpened.risk

painting castle.jpg

Sadly I have to report that some humans have deliberately been destroying and removing some fairy doors  I therefore  cannot guarantee that the map always accurately reflects the current  location of a  door. I do try to replace or repair damaged doors whenever possible.

I would  however, like to thank the vast majority of the people who have supported my project and I shall continue to ignore the others , the  destroyers of worlds.

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