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There can be few humans that have not at some time decorated either their home  or gardens with fairy lights, yet few people know how  the lights themselves are manufactured.

 Only fairies  can successfully make this sort of illumination as  the manufacturing process  requires the use of magic. 

  Firstly coloured pigment is  extracted  from fresh rainbows  and then dissolved in a solvent. The resulting dye is  then applied to the inside of the bulbs by specially trained ants.

 Sometimes it is possible to see partial rainbows these  are simply  the remains of a full  rainbow  after part of the dye  has been removed.

fairy lights
flower fairies
burlesque fairy

7a, Water-Lily Street    Doors open at 8:30 p.m. 

burlesque fairy

The Wish Council

Fairy door for wish council

Every fairy realm has within its ward a prestigious building  in which the Wish Council hold their monthly meetings. Most humans suspect that fairies have  the ability to grant wishes yet few people know the process involved. In fact it is a fallacy that fairies can grant wishes they can only make recommendations. These suggestions are then presented to the Wish Council for their joint approval. In this leafy suburb behind this  very door are  the local Wish Council Chambers.

Three wishes contract

Fairy Cakes

fairies by Warwick Goble
Fairy Cakes Bakery door
fairy cakes

Still Popular With Humans - Even Today

Many inhabitants of Warkworth may have noticed the curious smell of bread cooking as they walked through the Great Beech Forest. Somewhat hidden from view but easily traced by smell this door is access to:-


The bakery claims to have made the first fairy cakes in the world but this assertion cannot be fully substantiated. What is certain however is that they have in their archives  the first photograph of fairy cakes ever taken.

old image of fairy cakes

A Story By Daisy 

Daisy Marguerite, who was originally from Tuscany, Italy has now been a resident of Warkworth  for the past 5 years. She was recently managing The Beetles, until a centipede came and brutally attacked her. Due to her severe wing injury, she was rushed to Fairy Hospital (East Wing Dept.) She is currently being looked after by two guinea pigs, who go by the names Millie and Lola, and live in Kenton.

Daisy's story
silhouette of fairy, moon

And lo this mighty globe of light suspended thus betwixed Heaven and Earth,

Is witness to, when mortals sleep, such  fleeting  transits of its girth

By wingéd creatures of the night.

From an anthology entitled 
" Warkworth Fairylore and Verse"

Collected by Violet Byrony

Metaphysical Launderette 

lily fairy
metaphysical launderette
Nuff family home

The door on the left is  the business premises of a mother and daughter Mam B. and Pam B. The have recently started up what they describe as:-

"A  Metaphysical Laundrette Enterprise"

They claim to be able to wash clothes using only fresh air and wishful thoughts. I am somewhat dubious however and would describe the enterprise as a "Mam B. Pam B. , airy fairy, wishey washy idea."

print dancing fairies

Behind this door is the ancestral home of the Nuff family of Warkworth. You may ask  who is the person sitting outside the door?"  Well that's Fairy Nuff.

delicate fairy

Crusher Pilewort 

sparkling fairies

It seems only a few months ago that  I was asked to make this door and now it is looking very run down and neglected.  Sadly also I see the house is up for sale following the death of the owner.

I read with sadness in the Sandwort Gazette the announcement of the death of old 'Crusher' Pilewort  and I can't help but think that the fairy world is impoverished by the demise of yet another of its more eccentric characters. I believe his estranged wife has no wish to retain the property and his three grownup children live outside the realm.

obituary for Crusher Pilewort, circus
 fairy house for sale

Ravn Clay Pottery

 A pottery based in the Northumbrian village of Ford recently chose to help out local fairies by encouraging people to construct fairy doors. The project was deemed by all to be a great success  and it was Princess Celandine who issued the following statement:-

"On behalf of all  the fairy realm I would like to thank everyone at Ravn-Clay pottery for the success of this venture not only in producing the doors themselves but also creating a lasting bond between the human and fairy communities."

witch spoof magazine

Is Poison Safe To Use 

Past Its Sell-By Date ?

fairy soap ad
Warkworth Fairy Door

Assumption Club

These premises are the local fairy branch of:

"The Assumption Club"

The manager of the club was recently asked why the club is not listed on Google Maps his reply was "I really think everyone already knows our location."

 Locks , Bolts & Bars

In the old days fairy doors were secured by locks, bolts and bars but by the early 19th Century  George Agrimony, while studying at Yale, had developed a locking spell. This was a great improvement on previous locking devices and it is variations on this theme that are still in use today. It has to be said however that  ancient locking and defensive methods (like this portcullis) are often retained on fairy doors as a decorative link to the past.


 The Bronze Key

The key was heavy and her brother strained to lift it above head height.

"See ," whispered Rosalind , " the key does fit  the fairies would never have lied about something as important as this.


 A Royal Visit

The fairy queen of Warkworth makes a surprise royal visit to the house of Vetch the Tailor to order a new costume for the Midwinter masked ball.

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