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fairy spells

We have already learnt that fairy doors are secured by magic but there is another important aspect in this relationship. I am sure it will be apparent that some magic spells (particularly pyro-spells) can be extremely dangerous. A front door knocker is a visual indication that the house is a safe space in which to conduct magic spells and conforms to the current dangerous spell regulation requirements.

For those who have an academic interest in fairy spells I enclose an example of an induction spell please note it is dangerous to attempt any spell above level 4 and is ill-advised and extremely dangerous to attempt ANY level of Otäckt spell.

spell fairy

I have had numerous requests for information about curing "Yearnings Of The Heart" as first mentioned in  connection with Tooth Dust Elixir. As I have already stated this elixir is not suitable for human consumption however this particular spell  can, with caution, be used by human adults. This is an induction spell which means it is tested out as a small quantity first  then, if successful, extended gradually.


Spell Origin:   Royal Spell Vassiliki Vll © 1647
Difficulty: Spell Level 3 You will also need a type 7 (or higher) wand
Spell Content: Curing of “Yearnings Of The Heart.”
Indredients: To be finely crushed and taken at midnight :
   a) Paring of fingernail from the spell recipient
   b) Two fluid ounces of Meadowsweet wine
   c) Half ounce of juniper berries
   d) 2 pomegranate seeds.

Incantation: Salamay, Adonamay ( Insert Name Of Recipient Here), 
Bric-a-brac, four five seven, marjoram ( Repeat 3 times)

fairy dust
spell fairy

The wind blows out of the gates of the day,
The wind blows over the lonely of heart,
And the lonely of heart is withered away,
While the faeries dance in a place apart

by W.B.Yeats

 Note : This spell is sold under the title of Love Potion #9 in the human realm.

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animated fairy

Since publishing the above spell a number people have asked about the difference between fairy spells, incantations and charms.

A Spell is the most potent and usually involves - physical ingredients, a magic wand and sometimes an incantation too.

An Incantation involves neither wand or ingredients  but solely relies on the spoken word it is generally less strong than a spell. The words are most often spoken in verse form.

A Charm is used as a method of persuasion but still involves the use of magic. A charm can also be a physical component in a spell e.g. Lucky Charm

Fairy Incantation To Get Rid Of Cats

Be thou gone oh furry face,

Take thy whiskers, leave this place

Take thy newly sharpened claws

That scrape the paint from fairy doors

And get thee gone till 'morrow noon,

And even then methinks too soon.

Go! go! Thou wretched scum

Thou are not fit to wipe my bum

Scat cat scat!

madam ruth
cat and fairy
fairy in red dress

Merlin High Mage Of Camelot

Spells are not the exclusive domain of fairies for magic is practiced by almost every culture. Perhaps  the most famous of all magicians is of course Merlin magician in the court of King Arthur. What is less known however is  that Merlin died on either the banks of the River Coquet or the River Tweed. The precise location is not documented however it is nice to speculate  that it could have been Warkworth itself.

fuchia terrace house , Mentha Le Fay
magician, merlin

Fuchsia Terrace Warkworth

The fairy at this door is called Mentha Le Fay and people tend to assume this name is a  direct connection to the Camelot legends and  to Arthur's half sister Morgan Le Fay. In making this connection they hope to strengthen the possibility that Merlin himself died here in Warkworth. There is a serious flaw in the argument however, the name " Le Fay" translates directly as "the fairy". It is little wonder therefore that the surname is  common among  many fairies and does not, in any way, add weight to the Arthurian connection

The Green Man

Little is known  of the Green Man in human society yet he plays a major role in the lives of fairy folk. He is  the keeper of the forest and is instrumental in maintaining nature's harmony within the local community. Fairy folk rarely spoil their environment but occasionally things do become unbalanced (usually through careless human intervention) and the Green Man is then called upon to rectify the situation. 

dryad bathing in pool
green man


The Green Man is often assisted by Dryads (from the Greek word  Hamadryad), these forest nymphs tend to favour oak trees as places in which to set up home. Occasionally during warm weather a Dryad may venture down from the trees to bathe in the cool forest pools.

   Both the Green Man and the Dryads are often associated with the implementation of fairy charms relating to  either nature  or fertility.

  Recently there has been much fairy gossip regarding intimate relations between the Green Man and the Dryads. These racy accounts often find their way  into both local and national fairy papers. It is not for me to comment on the validity of these claims but for the readers themselves to decide  what is most  likely to be true.

Sundew newspaper spoof

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magic lantern, phantasmaggoria
dryad with light

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charm bracelet

Since outlining the differences between Spells Incantations and Charms a number of people have asked about charm bracelets.

 Some spells require a specific physical component (a charm) in them to make them work e.g. an old boot. Having a supply of likely components handy ensures a spell can be evoked at almost any time. Hence a bracelet of these useful components is a common adornment of fairies.

charm bracelet

This charm bracelet for example has components on it that would be useful in a nautical scenario so would have probably have belonged to a fisher fairy or possibly a mermaid. In other words charm bracelets can be regarded as  a useful toolkit for likely daily events.

label charms
solicitor fairy
Lithograph fairy

Some fairy spells are weather dependant, for example love spells are most effective during a thunderstorm. Fairies frequently monitor the weather to determine the optimum period to evoke a spell. Fairy weather stations are  not  an uncommon site and are  easily spotted by their conspicuous weather vanes.

Fairy Weather Vane

Fairies are encouraged from birth to commit spells to memory however a spell-book is still an essential reference resource for those spells that are infrequently used. The most commonly used spell-books are those published by  Cinquefoil & Toadflax who have been in the publishing business since 1764 



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