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This time there was no doubt that the shrinking spell had worked. It was also apparent that the pinprick of light Christobel had seen in the forest the previous evening had also been real.

  As for the other spells contained in her Grandfather's leather-bound book, they  would now have to wait for she was currently preoccupied only with thoughts of returning unscathed to her own realm.


This is the entrance to the local fairy painting and decorating shop, sitting outside her shop is the current owner Anna Glypta


Occasionally I check up on my fairy doors to see that they are still there and in a good state of repair.  I have  however recently noticed an unforeseen  development, children have been decorating the doors with stickers, leaving notes for the fairies or sometimes even leaving presents. These are a couple of such doors where gifts of money have been left on the doorstep for the  fairies to collect - so sweet.


 Elfy Eating

This is the first restaurant to open in Warkworth selling authentic Elf Cuisine so, for that special occasion, why not try something a little more exotic to awaken those taste buds.


 The owner of this house is "Ride Um" Caraway" who prefers his house to be described as a ranch.

 Mr. Caraway rose to fame in the late 1950's as a rider in the, then popular, bucking frog rodeos. He has since spent a great deal of his retirement years  as a  tadpole trainer.


 This is the centre for  Fairy Warkworth's economic and monetary activities and here we see the current chairfairy sitting outside the Royal Mint


yellow door_edited.jpg

This is the home of May Weed the local fairy flight instructor for Warkworth. Miss Weed is however perhaps better known for her best selling book "Adjust Flaps When Landing."


 Because of their diminutive size fairy craftsmen are able to produce all sorts of work of the most extraordinarily detailed nature. This is the house of  Poppy Hawkweed whose delicate work using moon silver has recently won international critical acclaim.


 His first glimpse of the castle was not reassuring for it stood on a huge basalt  outcrop below an  an oppressive obsidian sky. 

Dog Tags 

I have found that one of the really nice things about making these fairy doors is the way the general public have interacted with the project. I have been so pleased that someone has taken the trouble to mark some of my  fairy door sites with a little photo of a dog with the number "1" next to it. Thank you so much  (if this is you get in touch with me via the contact page)


 And there lived in the forest a queen of great beauty whose coming was foretold in the rune stones of old. It was said that her magic could beguile even the most handsome of suitors but others attributed this ability, not to magic but purely on her beauty alone.

 Imagination is the only weapon we have in the war against reality.

 Lewis Carrol


This is the fairy home of a self-proclaimed Professor whose obsession with this mysterious transcendental number  has led him to change his surname to Pi.   His front door has not escaped Professor Pi's attention  for this too is shaped like the Greek symbol for Pi and here sitting outside the house is his daughter Apple Pi.

And the address of this unusual property?  Number 3.1415... Fairy Crescent, Warkworth. 

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