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So it was true  the evidence of the hourglass proved it - time within the stone circle really did slow down when the fairy incantation was correctly recited.


Butterfly juggling is not an art that many modern fairies practice. During the Great Troll War however  the skill  provided much needed entertainment in what was regarded as a dark period in fairy history.


For the serious spotter of garden fairies  the new Reynolds & Branson Fairyscope is the ideal apparatus. The picture illustrated is at low resolution yet easily captures even the finest details on these garden fairies.



A new apparatus for the magnification and scientific study of garden fairies.

Price of Portable Fairyscope, No.1 Pattern, Folding Baseboard, complete in case , Lime Light Jet,

 £8  0  0  

Ditto Deluxe Model with Open Stage Front, and Adjustable Table , Twin Prisms.

Price Complete,

 £9  9  0  


On the ""Fairy Doors 2" page of this study I made reference to "Goblin Stones."Very few fairies actually still  believe in goblins that however, does not stop  those of a  more superstitious or gullible nature actively embarking on a midnight goblin quests. 

Occasionally a photograph of  dubious nature turns up to validate their claims these images however are often blurred or indistinct and seldom  offer tangible evidence. The photograph illustrated here is perhaps the most famous.

Clock Fairies

 The profession of clock fairy is one of those trades that has almost become obsolete since the electronic and digital revolution. In the past  however wind-up clocks were regulated by clock fairies who synchronised the clock mechanism to the number of seeds left on the nearest dandelion head.


Second hand bookshops are often a place of magic.


Penlan , Beddgelert  & Rupert

The small Welsh town of Beddgelert is a place long steeped in myth and legend. Within the town is this small unassuming bungalow and yet it is a place of great magic. This was the tiny home of Alfred Bestall the author and illustrator of the Rupert Bear stories. The exquisite drawings and  the scope of Bestall's creations was astonishing please try to seek out his work. In the photo here we see Rupert and his good friend Bill Badger  on the lawn of Penlan wondering what adventure awaits them today.

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