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 A recent meeting of some of the country's most eminent thinkers ended in chaos today as they failed to reach agreement on some of the most challenging questions of our time. 

  There had been high hopes  that the worlds of physics, philosophy and religion might reach some common ground on the nature of reality, this alas was not to be. Top academics in the fairy world had met in Warkworth this week to discuss some of the most baffling questions of the universe. Physicists, philosophers and even some top magicians met in a frank discussion relating to  top unsolved paradoxes.

A failure to reach agreement was a bitter blow for the convention. Professor Cliverclogs outlined a number of issues that the group failed to resolve and has asked the help of the local fairy community if they can shed some light on the following three sticking points:-

1) What if Gödel's Incompleteness Theory was never finished ?

2) What if Heisenberg was not sure of his Uncertainty Principle?

3) What if there are no Rhetoric Questions ?

Anyone in the local fairy community who thinks they may be able to help Professor Cliverclogs has been asked to contact him directly at Fairy Oxford Uni or email him directly at cliverclogs@fairyweb.wand


It was an important day in Warkworth's fairy cultural calendar when the long awaited bronze sculpture "The Surprise" by renowned sculptor Heather Moor was unveiled  to a thrilled public.

  A council spokesman declared the statue a "local triumph and a national treasure" but  when later asked about the unveiling of the Heather Moor he replied " It was purely a council business trip and Miss Moor's slight wardrobe malfunction can be easily explained."


 The  local police have disclosed  a shocking new  development in the recent missing person case. You may have heard rumours a Miss. Goldilocks had recently left home under suspicious circumstances. Despite extensive searches no trace of Goldilocks, aged 24, had been found. When no trace of her whereabouts could be determined the painful decision was made to drain the local ponds in the hope of discovering a body

  It was only when a Mr. Bear of Warkworth phoned the police to report a break-in that Miss Goldilocks was later discovered in a drunken stupor asleep on one of the beds.

  Goldilocks has subsequently been charged with unlawful entry, wilful damage to property as well as stealing  of porridge. Her case will be reviewed on Tuesday 24th May

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