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This is the home of Viola Cudweed ( Campanologist) she is perhaps best known  for her melodic compositions  which she plays on bluebells in the early spring.


You spotted snakes with double tongue,
  Thorny hedgehogs, be not seen;
Newts and blind-worms, do no wrong;
  Come not near our fairy queen.

 William Shakespeare


British Snail

This  building is the business premises of a company specialising in guided tours around Warkworth on snail-back. Anyone wishing to try this venture is advised to book early (especially in Summer) as only limited rides are available.


Helm Cottage Warkworth is not so much a business premises as a private residence however few fairies  would deny that the owner Regina Foxglove is a craftsfairy of supreme skill. In her modest workshop Regina is able to restore magic wands to an unbelievable standard. So if you have a better quality wand that is slightly patchy in its fluidity or just needs some cosmetic attention give Regina a call

....... and beyond the curtain wall a lily pond cool, green and languid. 'Twas here she found the letter. She knew all too well the wax seal but the ink , like her tears had bled into the pool so no mortal could read its content nor any fairy  undo its spell.


She was  fearful of the voices yet still they tormented her waking hours.

"Join us!" they implored " your husband will never know, his beer-befuddled brain is no longer worthy of your time. Join us, join us , join us.........."

Anna placed the basket of fruit on the ground and her hand tentatively reached out for a sturdy branch. She could see no creatures but she felt their presence as sure as she knew the crystal water in the beck.

"Leave me alone," she whimpered but the voices, impervious to her pleas, continued their incessant wail.

"Join us , join us join us .... "

Snuggle Socks Ltd. Warkworth Branch

This is the back door of  the well known fairy firm of "Snuggle Socks". The firm specialise in  repurposing discarded human socks  and turning them into top of the range fairy sleeping bags. 



 The music now softened into a slow, ponderous hypnotic rhythm and the oppressive air became heady with meadowsweet. The revelers sensing Sandra posed no threat became ever more bold and soon lost themselves in the tangled, transcendental nature of the night.

Property For Sale

 This property has lately come on the market it was formerly the venue for the Warkworth and District Origami Society which recently folded.


From Cinderella  -    Victorian Magic Lantern Slides

 " ....... and Cinderella was sitting thinking how much she would like to go to the ball too, when her god-mother, who was a fairy came to ask her why she was looking so sad."


Fairy Landscape

 It is strange how the fairy world sometimes intrudes into our own everyday lives. Today for instance I started off making pasties yet somehow ended up with a mythical landscape, 


Time Dilation Headquarters

 Within this property  fairy scientists work on  creating time dilation. This effect however has so far  only been observable in humans during the last hour of each working day.

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