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Public Safety Appeal


The door you see illustrated is the second door within a month that I have made for this fairy. The first door was destroyed by the careless use of a lawn mower by humans. If you are a human please be mindful of the destructive nature of power tools in the vicinity of fairy dwellings.

..... and she took out into the night a lantern to summon the night spirits  for she had been told in the dream that the spell could be more easily broken under cover of darkness.


These are the premises of  "Cool Smoke Enterprises" a firm whose  origins goes back to the mid 19th Century. It was then that the firm first developed a process of freeze drying smoke which could then be stored in refrigerated units until required in some future pyro-spell.


The words "Sator, Arepo, Tenet, Opera, Rotas " have long been associated with fairy spells. The words first appeared on the house walls of a villa in the destroyed city of Pompeii.

  The words do indeed have magical properties for they are the same written forwards or backwards and if a square were to be made of them they also read the same up and down too.

blacand blue.jpg

She lay in the place where she had awoken, the luminosity spell was still evident and she looked at him again with that same uncertain gaze. It was a gaze he had witnessed many times before but this time he somehow knew things would be different. 


 Number 3 Toadstool Cottages is the textiles department of Warkworth Fairy College of Arts & Design. It is in this building that student fairies learn the ancient art of cobweb weaving.


 For all your holiday requirements

Tel: Fairy Warkworth 617


 The singing continued and drew her deeper into the forest. Time and space became ever more fluid and  the thorns that had previously so painfully torn  her bare flesh now ceased to be of significance and only the music prevailed.

card players_edited.jpg

This house is on the junction of Toadstool Cottages  and Daisy Trail Lane. The cottage stands on the former site of the house of Gregor Meddlesalott the scientist who was famous for his laws of fairy genetics. His, now famous, first law of fairy genetics states that "If your mother did not have any children you won't have any either."


The Wine Fairy

Wine fairies have long been associated with helping humans in times of need. Their spells are particularly potent when associated with either reflection or yearnings of the heart.


Floral Arch

 On the night before a fairy wedding elves of the village decorate the bride's doorway with  an arch of wild flowers. Traditionally the bride then chooses one of the flowers from the arch to wear in her hair for the honeymoon. The bachelor fairies of the village then each remove one of the remaining flowers to present, as a love token, to their own sweethearts.


Fairy Wizard's Premises

 Most fairies are proficient at casting spells however, occasionally when spells are  either complicated or important, they will consult a wizard for assistance on checking through the spell to see it is both effective and safe. Many fairies are however are often reluctant to do this as they see wizard consultation fees as unreasonably expensive. It is little wonder therefore that many modern fairies these days much  prefer to consult an online spell checker. 


 Here in his place of resting, far away

From Arno's yellow waters, rushing down Through the wide bridges of that fairy town, Where the tall tower of Giotto seems to rise A marble lily under sapphire skies!

Oscar Wilde

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