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Captain Fitzroy Hollyhock of the Royal Fairy Navy is a somewhat flamboyant character in almost every  sense. There is no doubt of his historical existence as the fairy register of births list him as being the son of Peter and Rosemary  born in the Warkworth Realm on 6th April 1734. The problem of accuracy however comes in the authenticity of his exploits  the most notorious of which was the circumnavigation of Pegswood Treacle Pond. Historical records show that he did indeed  live in this house but because of  the dubious nature of his adventures no pine cone decoration is displayed on the door frame.The house is currently occupied by a fairy family who wish to remain anonymous.

 Fisher Fairies Poem
Fairy door outside garden gate Warkworth

Fairy Fisher Folk

 People have often asked me about Fairy Fisher Folk but, as far as I aware, there  are none residing in the Warkworth Realm so I cannot include their distinctive boat doors in this study. Anyone wishing  to see such a door should explore  the  nearby villages  of Amble or Craster where Fairy Fisher Folk are more populous.

moon fairy
cobweb cottages sepia toned photo

In the early days No.2 Cobweb Cottages was secured in the old fashioned manner with locks, bolts and bars, but now magic is the preferred method of security.As for the occupant, Mrs. Baxter, she is frail now and her wings barely carry her to the well at the end of the row. It was not always so  however for in her youth she was a renowned beauty and had her portrait painted by the great Arthur Rackham himself.

(Original photograph suppied by Mrs Baxter shows her house as it was in 1907)


Fairy house made from oak tree trunk

  Most  fairy dwellings are underground with  only  the door itself visible on the surface. Sometimes however fairies will make use of an old tree stump to fashion  their house. There  are  certain fairy building  characteristics  that  are peculiar  to  this type  of  construction. Oak stumps  are  the preferred timber, chosen for   its resistance to weathering.The  more  observant among you  will have  perceived  that  the ridge of the house  is shaped like  a bone. In the  past real bones  were used  as ridge supports now  however timber  is   more universally used  but  its shape still reflects  its ancient origins.

Advert for magic wands

It is said if you find a stone with a hole all the way through it and hang the item at  the entrance to your house its  magical properties will fend away goblins. Few fairies today believe in goblins  yet within the entrance to many fairy dwellings today the tradition is still kept alive. This house,  at  the  edge of  the great mint forest, is  one such dwelling.

studded fairy door

The photo  on the left has been  used with kind permission of the Ragwort Family the occupants  of  the above house.

Goblin Stone

Hag Stone or Goblin Stone
art nouveau fairy
Royal Palace fairy door of Queen Celandine

Most fairy doors are constructed in situ not so however  the door shown on the right. Although it was  constructed in Warkworth (hence its inclusion here ) it is now far to the south in  another fairy realm. This kingdom is ruled  over by a queen of whom it is said could sing so sweetly that even the nightingale fell silent to listen to her song. One winter morn when a white mantle covered the land and the milk froze in the dairy-maid's pail there came a loud persistent knocking at the fairy door and ......

Studded Fairy door

Local Archaeologist In Line For Top Award

The fairy outside this door is Dr. Ivy Growswell archaeologist and collector of antiquities. It is said she has the largest collection of grasshopper skulls in the Northern Realms. Dr. Growswell is however chiefly renowned for her discovery and conservation of  the 1st century mosaics at "Heddon Doonthepub". It is this work that has recently resulted in her nomination for the prestigious pine cone award.

1st Century Mosaic

Image on the right is part of  the 1st Century mosaic uncovered by Dr. Growswell earlier this year.

porcelain fairy

Now You See Me - Now You Don't

Open fairy door in snow

Many readers will be puzzled as to why this door is left open and unattended on such a cold Winter's day. Surely this also leaves the place open to attack by vermin.The more observant reader however will notice a pine cone decoration on the door lintel signifying its historical importance.

Although the door was built here in Warkworth it now graces the front of the  buildings of Catchfly McNabbit. The McNabbit premises were the first place in Scotland to manufacture invisibility juice so the door is not unattended after all. The situation is now clear, simply one of the workers is just trying out the latest batch of the product -so far it seems to be working fine.

Magic Beans Advert

Planing to visit old friends? Don't forget those all important


Buy The Best From Bean & Gone

The occupant of number 5 Lavender Crescent is a somewhat accident prone individual especially when it comes to spells.It is rumoured she once turned her bicycle into a back street.

Ribbed fairy door with brass number five plate
fairy house front

These  Warkworth business premises are  the firm of

Warp Speed Ltd.

A long established firm producing top of the range, high speed flying carpets. In recent years the firm has branched out into flying laminate flooring but unfortunately success in this new venture has yet to take off.

Warp Speed  Ltd.

fairy in tree

When silence teases soft this forest place

And   lamas moon the limelight be

Do   fairy footsteps   lightly grace

This stage with players, verse and  tree

From an anthology entitled 
" Warkworth Fairylore and Verse"

Collected by Violet Byrony

A number of people  who have read the "Spells" page of this website have asked about Madame Ruth's shop. This photo shows the outside of the premises at 34, Vine Street. All manner of spells, powders, potions and charms are on sale here, some however may require an age verification certification for  purchase. Madam Ruth regards her own speciality as love potions and, although many have suggested her produce is somewhat pricey, everyone agrees the results are well worth it . 

Ground floor interior of  Madame Ruth's shop. 


 Following the creation of this article Madam Ruth has kindly offered readers the following free love spell from her 1894 collection. The spell is best recited at midnight  after the consumption of two glasses of red wine and is designed to retrieve a flagging relationship. The spell  consists of the following words :-


Readers will observe  that, like many spells of a similar subject, the words are the same forwards or backwords and if a square was made from the  words they can be read up and down as well. It is this mathematical symmetry  of the text that gives the spell its potency.

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